I’ve worked with Dr. Beckner over the past 6 years. He’s totally transformed the way I attract new patients. Over the past 6 months alone he’s tripled the number of new patients we see each month. The best part is my practice is no longer 100% insurance dependent and we are helping so many people get well that other doctors couldn’t help.
Dr. Sunny Kim, M.D. Cedar Rapids IA
I first discovered Dr. Beckner in 2010 and he helped me put marketing and patient conversion systems in place that have enabled me to attract only niche condition cash/non-insurance dependent cases. I’m grateful that I can always turn to him for help to keep me on track and growing both professionally and personally.
Dr. Jason Schroeder, D.C. Wenatchee WA
Dr. Beckner has been my main go to source for marketing going on over six years. He has turned me into the go to expert in my area through his marketing strategies that have completely elevated my level of celebrity and authority with my patients. No one I’ve used for marketing has ever been able to do what Dr. Beckner has done for my practice.
Dr. Merick Abrajano D.C. Torrance CA