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Trust Based New Patient Attraction™

Trust Based New Patient Attraction is a systematic, multi-dimensional approach for targeting ONLY specific niches of patients within the healthcare marketplace, that have proven themselves to be highly responsive to take a requested action when first discovering your message.

A Doctor and his/her clinic may have the ability to treat a multitude of conditions and case types. However, when it comes to investing your time and money in getting your message seen and acted on…not all types of prospective patients are created equal. In other words…the response rates for certain types of patients can and will vary and you must know what types of patients are going to give you the fastest and largest return on the dollars you invest to attract new patients.

Trust Based New Patient Attraction differs from traditional marketing and advertising in that it's about getting a doctor's message out there faster and more efficiently in a bigger way. It's about a proven, time tested, coordinated set of actions to get a Doctor's message to those who need them, are looking for them or don't know they exist…yet!

It incorporates both ONLINE and OFFLINE, VERBAL, VISUAL and AUDITORY, Non-Salesy Communication that removes any kind of hidden sales pressure, builds significant levels of TRUST and elevates your level of authority in the minds of prospective patients.

Thus, a significantly larger percentage of Prospective Patients are drawn in and attracted to you over time, giving your practice more opportunities to connect and build relationships with more prospective patients.

Celebrity Go To Expert

Your prospective patients are for the most part, completely focused on themselves and all that goes on within their own lives.

They are more distracted today than any other time in history by technology in the form of computers, smart phones, iPads, televisions and radios.

They are consumed by Social Media, the hundreds of channels on Cable TV and Satellite Radio, the significant number of emails at any given time within their inboxes, shelves upon shelves of magazines on newsstands, as well as numerous daily online and print newspapers.

As a result, they are bombarded from anywhere between 500-2000 marketing messages a day. All vying for their attention…even for just a split second.

The number of choices available in nearly every category of business is dizzying…especially in healthcare.

Most doctors believe that what separates themselves from their competitors is the special technology they use, a technique they deliver, the level of service they provide or the degree of results they produce. In reality, these things have only a small impact on your ability to attract significant numbers of new patients to you.

So how do you stand out and set yourself apart from everything and everyone else in order to attract more new patients to you and your clinic?

As a Doctor and Clinic Owner, positioning yourself as the Trusted Authority Celebrity Go To Expert™ should be a critical business growth goal. When you are perceived as an expert, as the leading expert in your field, you have the ability to charge premium fees and still manage to attract significant numbers of new patients.

We've actually taken doctor's who had no established credibility in the marketplace related to a particular service, even though clinically they were more than qualified to deliver such services to their patients…and within eight weeks their phones were ringing with new patients, they were hosting live seminars with 30-50 attendees, they were producing positive clinical outcomes and their revenues saw significant increases.

All as a direct result of being perceived as the Trusted Authority Celebrity Go To Expert™ in their community and state.

Cash Patient Conversion Blueprint

The ability you have to easily free yourself and your business from the strangle hold of dwindling insurance reimbursement isn't solved by great marketing alone. It requires you as a practice owner to pay attention to the details within your business that come well before prospects respond to any attempt at marketing you do.

Most Practice Owners believe that patients that don't convert to paying care are lost at the end of their sales process….when in fact 95-98% are lost at the beginning.

How much money are you leaving on the table or letting walk out your practice doors because you have ineffective Sales Choreography that's failing to create the "reality" you want your patients and prospective patients to believe is true about you, what you do and the benefits they'll receive if choosing to do business with you?

Is your practice literally leaking money every day because your Sales Choreography isn't creating perceptions that subliminally influence what people think and how they feel about you, your practice, your services, your level of expertise, the results you produce and solutions you provide?

The Cash Case Conversion Blueprint enables you to authentically choreograph your entire Sales Process that starts at the very beginning when a prospective patients initially discovers you…all the way through to them paying for care regardless if they have help from their insurance or not.

"Perception is reality", so if you want more new patients and repeat customers, if you want to create unshakeable loyalty, if you want to have the ability to collect higher case fees and have your patients be a regular source of referrals for your business, you have to create a 'reality' that inspires this.

The Cash Case Conversion Blueprint negates any hidden sales pressure caused by old school, high pressure, practice management derived, new patient processing procedures…by taking the focus off having to "close" patients on the spot for fear of loss and instead moves to "opening" new relationships where patients feel 100% comfortable in choosing to do business with you and aren't left feeling pressured.