Are These Critical Website Marketing Mistakes Costing You Lots of Money & Losing You New Patients?

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I won’t spend time here telling you why you need to be using an internet marketing campaign to attract new patients to your clinic….if you don’t at the very least have a website up to this point in time then stop reading this because not even I will be able to help you.

So here it goes……The nuts and bolts of how your website should be laid out to function as an actual marketing tool and not just an image or brand building site that looks nice and professional but doesn’t get you a single new patient.

The first thing to understand about a website is that it has one main purpose and everything that goes into it should be focused on this one thing:

To get visitors to raise their hand as someone who has a problem you can possibly solve for them and have them opt in to your site leaving their contact information….PERIOD!!!

Now that you understand this…the next thing to be aware of is that you only have about 5 seconds to capture your websites visitors attention and the only way to do this is with a powerful HEADLINE that speaks directly to your target market. 98% of the websites that doctors use are like a restaurant buffet line offering up all of the services you provide and all the conditions you can help and you have nothing that positions you as “THE” go to expert for a specific problem that you can help people solve.

The next HUGE mistake is that most clinic websites have no opt in box for visitors to leave their contact information. Remember what I said earlier about the main purpose of your website is to have visitors raise their hand as someone who has a problem you can possibly solve for them and have them opt in to your site leaving their contact information….PERIOD!!!

Just as important as the opt in box itself is the offer… must have a compelling offer that focuses on something people will want. It could be a special report, a treatment guide a DVD, a book etc. But it must be something that arouses curiosity and speaks directly at your target audience.

I’ve consulted with hundreds of doctors about their marketing and sales processes and when I’m asked to critique their website I see things like “Sign Up For Our Free Health Newsletter” or “Sign Up For Your Free Exam And X-rays”.

Here’s the thing to understand…no one cares about a free health newsletter unless you can show them that inside the newsletter lies the answer to their problem and you don’t have enough space in your opt in box to go into enough detail to get them to see the value of your newsletter.

Next your website will better serve you if it positions you as an authority and a specialist. It should not list out every service you provide or every condition that you can help ranging from ingrown toenails to serious neurological conditions. Nothing devalues you and your service more than having no “TARGET AUDIENCE” or a message that speaks directly to an individual with a problem they would like to solve!

Lastly and this is something you must know before you waste a single penny building a website for your practice…..

Without a cost effective way to drive traffic or visitors to your website, means your website is aimlessly floating around in space and no one will ever see it. If this is the case then your website couldn’t even buy you a stick of gum….Basically it’s WORTHLESS! Unfortunately this is the case for nearly 99% of the clinic websites that are out there.

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