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Dr. Sunny Kim, M.D. Cedar Rapids IA,

I’ve worked with Dr. Beckner over the past 6 years. He’s totally transformed the way I attract new patients. Over the past 6 months alone he’s tripled the number of new patients we see each month.

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Dr. Jason Schroeder, D.C. Wenatchee WA,

I first discovered Dr. Beckner in 2010 and he helped me put marketing and patient conversion systems in place that have enabled me to attract only niche condition cash/non-insurance dependent cases.[...]

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Dr. Merick Abrajano D.C. Torrance CA,

Dr. Beckner has been my main go to source for marketing going on over six years. He has turned me into the go to expert in my area through his marketing strategies that have completely elevated my level of celebrity and authority with my patients.[...]

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Who Is This For?

Medical Doctors, D.O.'s & Medipreneurs

M.D.'s, D.O's and Medipreneur's who own and function as a CEO within private practice, along with and provide Stem Cell Therapy. Particularly Stem Cell Therapy Services for Orthopedic Conditions. Doctors who are already marketing Stem Cell Services and want to take things to the next level or who've attempted marketing but may have struggled to attract a significant number of Stem Cell Cases and want help. With the U.S. Stem Cell Market currently under a microscope and facing possible changes in regulations, we've made it a point to focus our clients clinical know how and marketing on Orthopedic Conditions. With the millions of patients across the U.S. suffering with chronic joint pain, traditional medicine is missing the mark and unable to deliver clinical outcomes that go well beyond just palliative care. With such a responsive marketplace and clinical void surrounding degenerative and orthopedic injuries, we help Doctor's become the go to experts and authorities as a result of our Orthopedic Stem Cell Marketing Systems.


Doctors of Chiropractic who own and operate their own practice where general chiropractic (ie. Adjustments only) isn't their primary focus. Chiropractors that offer high tech niche services such as Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Class IV Therapeutic Laser, Functional Nutrition/Medicine. The clients who work with us are currently investing several thousand dollars a month or more on their marketing and are looking to maximize their efforts and take things to the next level. Those doctors who's practice have plateaued or the marketing that once worked for them is no longer producing adequate Return on Investment. Chiropractors who are committed to clinical excellence yet grasp that clinical outcomes alone are not enough to grow and build a long term successful practice. The Chiropractic Marketplace has changed dramatically over the past 2 years and not all conditions are highly responsive to marketing messages. We keep Chiropractors from blindly following the herd and chasing the next Bright Shiny Object or wasting their hard earned dollars on unproven marketing strategies.

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We Deliver For Our Clients

  • Trust Based New Patient Attraction Systems
  • Ability to Double & Triple New Referrals
  • Turn Doctors Into Celebrities While Raising Their Level of Authority
  • Automated Staff Training That Leverages Your Marketing Dollars Through Our Proprietary No-Pressure Phone Appointment Scheduling Systems
  • Competition Eliminating, Non-Salesy Consultation Processes & Cash Case Conversion Strategies